Tri-County Agency of Brick is a Trusted Choice® agency which means that we are dedicated to you and are always committed to treating you as a person, not a policy. We are always here for our customers and dedicated to taking care of you when you need us the most.


Congratulations from Mayor John G. Ducey, Township of Brick 


Laurie - Rebecca will be sending you over all documents you will need ok. thanks again for a rapid response in this matter.your expertise was excellent.


Everyone at the agency is very personable and welcoming. it really puts one at ease. your handled professionally and respectfully. after 30yrs. with allstste it's a nice breath of fresh air.


Laurie has been a great help and i love working with her, she is always here to help me out.


Sandy was very bad experience. The Fema rep. which your company gave me the email for, came to my house, took photographs of everything that was damaged, and told me everything would be sent in. Because I had $11,000.00 worth of coverage Femas report came back at only $2,900.00. Tri C told me to send a copy with all my pictures and price value to my FEMA rep, a Mr. Barry. I complied and he replied that he had received them and nothing changed. I wound up sending them 3 times and still no check. I heard that after 1 year they were not responsible. So I called Tri C. the lady was very nice and told me to email her a copy and she would check it against what the rep had submitted. She called me back and said the rep did not have any of the items on his list & she would take care of it. She did and I had the rest of my money in 3 weeks: just before the end of the year Tri C agents are great!!! 


Clare is excellent always helpful!!


Great staff led by their owner, Jacki 


Whenever I have a question, whether it be about my home insurance or car insurance, it is answered within 1 hours time with much satisfaction. Their help and support during 'Sandy' was immense and greatly appreciated. My claims were settled within a short period of time. Many thanks to all of them at Tri-County!!!



I have been with Tri County Agency for many many years. I have always been well cared for by the staff any time I needed help. I hope to continue our relationship for years to come. Claire and the staff are tops!!



Been at Tri County for about 15 years, always had great service from Geri and Claire


Claire is wonderful. Always knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone at Tri County is great.

My rep Laurie is the best! I refer her to all my clients, friends and family

David Sarno has been fabulous and never fails to return a call. He promptly informed us that our policy was expiring. We were closing and only needed coverage for one week. David came through.




Jacki is the best!


Excellent customer service and communication



Customer service is the best!  I have only had 2 agents.  Gerry and Lorraine and they have always been there for us and always follow up in a timely fashion.  Thank you for outstanding service!!!


Everyone is so very pleasant, efficient and always returns my calls and e-mails.  I feel fortunate to have my insurance coverage with Tri County Agency of Brick.


Clare is the best.  We’ve known her for 17 years and I couldn’t ask for any other person who’s been there for us more.


Left another agency when my agent moved away.  Since I already knew Clare who works for the office I called sat down with Jacki who owns the business.  She looked over my policy and added a few things that she thought I would need and I have been happy with the coverage and the people there. 


I have been with Tri County for 18 years and have only good things to say!



 Very easy to deal with and always responsive.



Hello.  I communicate with American Sign Language in office easy for my application coverage insurance.  Thanks 




Jacki and her team are simply the best!



Congratulations To Our Friends from Tri County Agency Of Brick For Being THE INSURANCE That The Brick Chamber Of Commerce Needs To Succeed!


Need insurance?? My family has been a client of Tri-County insurance for as long as I've been around. You want exceptional service, know your covered properly all while being treated like Family. Call today for all your coverage needs.

Kyle O.


Dear Jacki,

I'm writing you tonight to let you know how very lucky you are to have both Clare & Meghan as your employees.   As your customer for the past 15 years I want you to know how much I appreciate Tri-County dedication to personal customer service.  Both Clare & Meghan are excellent examples of both professional individuals who always follow thru with exceptional customer service skills.  

I don't expect you to remember, but 15 years ago (July 1998) my husband and I were buying our first (and only) house.  As I started the process of calling insurance companies to inquire about purchasing homeowners insurance I was turned away by everyone I called. I can still remember the frustration.  Then I called your office, you answered the phone & helped me.  I never forgot it. Eventually I added my car insurance to Tri-county also, over the years I always seemed to deal with either Clare or Meghan. Accidents, renewals....whatever I would call for, they were always patient & professional with me.

I remember quite a few years ago when my husband hit a deer on his way to work, I believe he called the phone number on the back of the insurance card and spoke directly to you Jacki, he had commented on how effortless & easy it was dealing with Tri-County.  Then of course, this past year we were hit by Hurricane Sandy, (now I know why no one wanted to give me homeowners). Again, after that horrifying experience, I had a very positive experience with Tri-County and my claims adjuster Darryl from Kentucky.  Again, something that I will probably never forget, just like that day back in 1998 when I called your office.  Keep up the great customer service!  Enjoy your holidays !! 

Anne G



Thank you very much, Laurie!

Happy I found you guys, love the service and being able to speak to a real person on the phone.

Have a great day


Thanks so much Laurie for everything .You are the best!! Sue Talty


Thank you Jacki for the help. Tri County Agency of Brick Rocks!!!


First, we would like to thank you and your staff for all their help and assistance through these past few months.  Everyone must be so very overworked, but anyone we speak to is always polite, patient and knowledgeable and able to answer any questions.  We consider ourselves very fortunate to have our insurance coverages with you. 



Thank you for the reply and I trust you received the paperwork then.   I really do appreciate your help in all of this.   You are among a small group who has made this whole process a little less painless.   It is greatly appreciated.  You have a good night as well.

Thank you,










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